About Nusta Kitchen

Nusta Kitchen- The Perfect Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success

The food scene in Thane got a massive fillip with the introduction of takeaway and delivery options which, in recent times, became abundantly available for foodies from the city. Three dynamic Entrepreneurs came together and formed MFC Foodworks LLP. They identified the need for an authentic shawarma and biryani QSR that catered to the quality and quantity conscious patrons of Thane and its surrounding areas and soon, Nusta Kitchen was born.

Shawarma is an East Mediterranean preparation that has the caught the fancy of us Indians, especially the adventurous yet cost-conscious young population. The Biryani has been around for ages and needs no introduction yet has been introduced with a fresh strategy. Thane is known for patrons who are forever willing to experiment with cuisines and culinary options. Nusta Kitchen with an innovative and vibrant approach, sought to create a niche for itself in this crowded and ever-growing market.

The diverse backgrounds of the founders of Nusta Kitchen  had a positive effect on the way the business and operations unfolded during the initial times. Like every start-up, Nusta Kitchen too, had its own share of ups and downs, but with grit and determination, not to mention a lot of hard work, the team ensured that they prevailed. The menu is ever-expanding and new, innovative methods are being added and implemented to ensure the customer receives and consumes a quality product that is delicious to its last bite.

The entire team at Nusta Kitchen gave it their 100% while ensuring their brand reached where it mattered. Right from hauling food ingredients to serving customers to monitoring quality, no job was beyond them in their quest to building a brand that their clientele would vouch for. Is it any surprise that today Nusta Kitchen has a devout fan following that has the competition in a tizzy and is a foodie’s go-to place when hunger strikes?