Dum Biryani Online Delivery

Traditionally, Dum Biryani is prepared in a heavy bottomed lid with a lid, which is known as Handi. This utensil is filled with various layers of ingredients needed for a biryani and the lid is sealed over the pot, using dough. This seals the steam inside the pot and the biryani is slowly and meticulously cooked over low flame. The Mughals introduced this method of Dum (meaning air or breath) in the early sixteenth century to India and has stayed on to become one of the most popular forms of biryani in India.


Dum Biryani- Tantalizing taste buds since centuries

The traditional biryani has changed a lot over these years, not in terms of preparation or ingredients, but the way it is consumed by biryani lovers. It is common nowadays to order Biryani Online, especially when a party or a family get-together has been organized at home. Foodies love the mouth-watering flavors and taste of the Dum Biryani, especially when modern players like Nusta Kitchen take the traditional path towards its preparation.


House Celebrations, Family Dinners & Parties with Friends- Dum Biryani is mandatory

When Dum biryani is slow cooked over a low flame, the steam helps the biryani to retain its mesmerizing flavor that is loved the world over. Nusta Kitchen carefully chooses all the ingredients of a dum biryani so there is no compromise in its taste. From authentic, long-grained basmati rice, spices and the most succulent meats, every ingredient ensures that the final product does not fall short of expectations when it reaches the customer.

Is it any wonder that Dum biryani can steal the show at any party and ensure that even the fussiest eater will love its finger-licking taste? The hassles of getting the perfect biryani recipe and then spending hours making it, is now a thing of the past since one can now order Dum Biryani online and take the credit for the same. One can choose from Veg Dum Biryani or Chicken Dum Biryani according to taste and preference, but the end result is always a full stomach and a highly satisfied individual.