Corporate Orders Online

Work and Pleasure can mix over biryani

Long hours at the desk can take its toll if it isn’t mixed with a bit of fun with colleagues and workmates. It could be the celebration of the completion of a tough project or simply a bonding session for all those hardworking people out there. Nusta Kitchen is ready to serve the most delicious and finger-licking biryani that’s available on this side of the town. Corporate orders for small or large groups are quite welcome and you can be assured that your choice to choose us won’t ever go wrong.


Hard work should be rewarded with flavoursome biryanis

Choose from a wide range of authentic biryanis and get ready to get accolades from even the most hard-nosed food critic in the office. Nusta Kitchen is making foodies go bonkers over the lip-smacking food flavours that their biryanis ooze and is fast climbing the corporate ladder like no one else. Veg and Non-veg biryanis make the selection even easier and you will never have an empty stomach at the office party ever.


Corporate orders are our Forte

The convenience of ordering online will make sure that corporate parties are an absolute breeze when it comes to organizing one. Gone are the days when one had to chase and follow up and put up with last-minute changes and cancellations. Nusta Kitchen uses the best basmati rice to give the biryani a smooth and even flavour while the succulent meat is carefully selected and garnished with authentic spices, all resulting in an explosion of taste and flavour with every single spoonful that enters your mouth.


Reward your employees with Nusta Kitchen’s veg or non-veg biryani’s and watch them heap praises and non-stop compliments about making the right choice. Take a bow, Nusta Kitchen has simplified corporate orders and ensured that party lovers won’t forget the lingering taste ever.