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Picture of Mehul Rathod
Mehul Rathod on Zomato
Average taste. chicken used were not tender. could have done better
Picture of P KUMAR
P KUMAR on Zomato
Picture of Mudassir Khan
Mudassir Khan on Zomato
very less filling, very thick outer covering... less paneer more cabbage
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Thefood_act_2018 on Zomato
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Kavita Bunnan on Zomato
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Picture of Abhishek Kulkarni
Abhishek Kulkarni on Zomato
The portions are generous. A huge plus for that. But, as much as there was loads of chicken in the shawarma, the pita bread was thicker than expected and there was too much sauce. The spicy shawarma also had too much spicy garlic sauce to the extent that the original shawarma flavour was lost. On…
Picture of Nachiket Kelkar
Nachiket Kelkar on Zomato
Nice and delicious shawarma. I had my reservations of ordering food from Nusta Kitchen coz of the safety and what would it taste like, but thanks to Zomato’s review and Manish and Powell’s (Team I spoke at Nusta Kitchen) assurance, I ordered classic chicken and special paneer shawarma. The taste was delicious, the portion is…
Picture of Navjyot Singh Reehal
Navjyot Singh Reehal on Zomato

About Nusta Kitchen

Nusta Kitchen- The Perfect Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success

The food scene in Thane got a massive fillip with the introduction of takeaway and delivery options which, in recent times, became abundantly available for foodies from the city. Three dynamic Entrepreneurs came together and formed MFC Foodworks LLP. They identified the need for an authentic shawarma and biryani QSR that catered to the quality and quantity conscious patrons of Thane and its surrounding areas and soon, Nusta Kitchen was born.

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