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Dum Biryani

Chicken/Veg dum biryani is an evergreen classic that needs no introduction, Dum biryani is the goodness of rice and meat with finger-licking good masala that comes in layers of rice Slow Cooked over coal!


Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi chicken/veg biryani is an aromatic, mouth-watering and authentic Indian dish with succulent chicken/vegetables in layers of fluffy rice, fragrant spices, and caramelized onions


Tikka Biryani

Chicken/Paneer Tikka Biryani an aromatic, spicy and delicious treat for everyone who loves Medium Spicy Flavoured biryani The specialty of this biryani is the smoky smell. Chicken/Paneer Tikka Is marinated In red Masala.


Chicken Malai Sheekh Biryani

Chicken Malai Seekh Biryani is creamy in texture and has an aromatic flavored white Rice with Chicken Malai Seekh kebabs slow-cooked over Coal.


Chicken Angaara Biryani

The raw, smoky flavour is a true match-winner at every occasion for this highly popular biryani our chefs have conjured up. When exotic spices and authentic masalas garnish the rice, the results are truly unbeatable, be it at a party or a simple family meal at home.


Nusta Special Biryani


Chicken Tandoori Biryani

Chicken Tandoori chicken biryani is traditionally prepared in a tandoor.tandoori chicken (which is marinated in yogurt and tandoori masala and then cooked at high temperatures in a tandoor) Layered in Flavoured aromatic rice.

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Biryani. The word itself conjures up images of scented, long-grained rice, succulent meat and generous garnishing of freshly ground spices. It is this perfect blend of these carefully selected ingredients that creates the marvel that is known as biryani. With the advent of online ordering, it has now become convenient to order the best of biryanis in town to your home for a family get-together or an office party. Since you can order best biryani online, it eliminates the hassle of organizing food, especially for impromptu parties with friends, office colleagues and family.


Biryani at your Doorstep

With professionals like Nusta Kitchen entering the domain of biryani making, foodies now have a fantastic option to satiate their taste buds and enjoy the joy of eating an authentic biryani in the comfort of their homes. Quality gets top billing here and this is the reason why only the best, aged basmati rice forms the base of this extremely popular dish that has its roots in ancient Persia and the Mughal emperors of yesteryears. Get quick hassle-free biryani home delivery in Thane, Mumbai.


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If you are looking for biryani online home delivery for guests at home or for a special occasions, this is certainly the right place. While online ordering is quite commonplace nowadays, we have simplified it further for the user by monitoring every step of the ordering process. Biryani lovers hate to wait for long for their favourite dish to arrive and our kitchen ensures that quality never suffers in a rush to serve customers. A lot of care and love are added to the ingredients and it is no wonder that food lovers get the best experience of enjoy rich and flavorsome biryanis which are available in a wide range.


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