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The paneer tasted a bit unfresh. Its a regular mix of paneer, lettuce and mayonnaise rolled in a pita bread. Could have been better at this price.
Picture of Sneha Patil
Sneha Patil on Zomato
it was hot and packed in the daba so it became soggy. not crunchy like normal fries. peri peri flavour was also ok.
Picture of Sneha Patwardhan
Sneha Patwardhan on Zomato
The best in town. The shawarmas are so delicious🤤 If you love Shawarma do try this. I highly recommend. #nustakitchen #nustashawarma is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Picture of Tanmon51092
Tanmon51092 on Zomato
good quantity but it did not have any mayo, chilli sauce or cheese
Picture of Anand Kamath
Anand Kamath on Zomato
Ignoring all the aspects of the restaurants excluding food, their shawarmas are very good. Fresh, generously stuffed, yummy, and easy on the pocket. The place is small & crowded at times so I prefer to pick up the order and eat in the car. If you are looking forward to enjoying some delicious shawarmas, Nusta…
Picture of Sanket Telang
Sanket Telang on Zomato
very less chicken quantity in both classic chicken n arabic.
Picture of Kashyap Shah
Kashyap Shah on Zomato
fast delivery by jitendra ..........................
Picture of Sankalp Bhatkar
Sankalp Bhatkar on Zomato
Very good flavours. Ordered for the first time because my regular guy wasn't available. I'm surely ordering again. 8' will fill up even gluttons like me
Picture of Ganesh Iyer
Ganesh Iyer on Zomato
Delicious shawarmas in town Just go for it 🙌 The quantity should be increased a bit. Prices are also nominal
Picture of Soumita Pal
Soumita Pal on Zomato
Special chicken shawarma was very good. Will order more. Nice packing and hot
Picture of Abhishek Joshi
Abhishek Joshi on Zomato

About Nusta Kitchen

Nusta Kitchen- The Perfect Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success

The food scene in Thane got a massive fillip with the introduction of takeaway and delivery options which, in recent times, became abundantly available for foodies from the city. Three dynamic Entrepreneurs came together and formed MFC Foodworks LLP. They identified the need for an authentic shawarma and biryani QSR that catered to the quality and quantity conscious patrons of Thane and its surrounding areas and soon, Nusta Kitchen was born.

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