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Meat -The Biryani’s Superstar Ingredient

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In our earlier blogs, we have discussed the importance of choosing the right kind of spices and rice while making a biryani. This leaves us with the biryani’s superstar ingredient, which is meat. Whether it is chicken biryani or mutton biryani, the meat forms a vital part of the dish and hence its quality is of great importance.

Through this blog, we shall understand how to keep this key biryani ingredient in perfect condition so that the final product is a burst of taste and flavors.

The preparation of biryani is slow and deliberate and since the biryani is kept over low flame for long hours, it is necessary to procure pieces of meat that are holding on to the bone so it doesn’t dry out during the “Dum” process. Make sure the meat pieces aren’t too large in size, or they could remain uncooked, especially when Mutton is concerned.

People also like boneless biryanis as an option but the taste and the flavor do not quite match up to the original for some reason. For those who want to get there mutton right, here are a few basic tips to do so:

So go ahead, slow cook the meat over a slow flame and soften it so your biryani receives rave reviews from guests and family members alike.

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