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Why is Biryani the Perfect food during winter?

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Cold, wintry mornings and freezing night weather are excellent times to make you crave for steaming hot cups of tea, unending plates of spicy pakoras and a warm & sumptuous dinner consisting of delicious chicken tandoori biryani. During winter, feasting on the biryani is definitely the best way to end the day before you snuggle into your bed under the warm layers of soft blankets.

Traditional Dum Biryani-The perfect combination of taste and health

During the times of the Mughals, our favourite dum biryani was slow cooked over coal stoves, mostly in sealed metal or earthenware vessels, thus ensuring it was steam that cooked the ingredients in it. With time however, the true art of Biryani making has disappeared and one can rarely find chefs who can create a Biryani in its traditional form.
If you possess the knowledge and patience to cook biryani in your own kitchen, you could be one of the few who can actually manage to do this. If not, it is a great idea to opt for Biryani Online delivery from an authentic takeaway like Nusta Kitchen, who go the traditional way and conjure some gastronomical delights in the form of biryanis. There isn’t anything better than a steaming plate of mouthwatering biryani to settle down on a winter night but the entire exercise will be fruitful if the chef-in-command follows a few must- do things during the cooking process:
 It is mandatory to sauté and marinate the meat well, before it is put in.
 While making mutton biryani, the meat has to be tender and lean or the final product will turn out to be a disaster.
 The use of oil is critical to the taste but make sure the quantity is just right.
 Spices have to be fresh since they tend to lose their original taste if they have been stored for long time periods. After all, the biryani’s flavor depends a lot on the quality
(and quantity) of spices and its freshness too.
 Biryani Rice has to be cooked separately but before that soaking it for some time is important.
 Authentic Dum biryani has to be cooked in a Handi over coals preferably to give it the right flavor.
 Layering is an important part of the process so make sure that is carried out before cooking all of the ingredients over slow flame.

Biryani Ingredients that are bound to keep you warm and toasty Chicken: Chicken is full of proteins and a warm dish of chicken biryani proves to the perfect dinner during winter, especially after you are back from a long and tiring day at work.

Ghee: Biryani needs a lot of ghee, which does wonders to your digestion and is great for eyesight too. So go ahead and eat spoonful’s of yummy biryani with desi ghee

Cloves: Known to have a lot of medicinal benefits, apart from the unique taste, cloves are a necessary ingredient of any traditional biryani. The warmth that cloves impart to the biryani is exceptional.

Cinnamon: You simply cannot stop yourself from grabbing a second helping when you are served a chicken dum biryani and this could send your digestion for a toss. Fortunately, spices like cinnamon help regulate the digestion process apart from adding a unique flavor to it.

Oil: Many chefs are known to use olive oil or rice bran oil to give the biryani a healthy touch. Oil is blessed with many anti-bacterial properties and hence works to fight germs and keeps bones and joints in good condition too.

Need we say more? We can already see you reach out for your phone and order this delicious dish for your family.

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